FSVS GROUP is official sales in Ukraine of the premium tools

In July 2020, FSVS GROUP became the official sales representative in Ukraine of the premium tools and equipment manufacturer EGA Master Spain).
We offer high quality premium tools with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Why EGA Master?

A complete, premium, tools and equipment top-end line for the oil and gas, engineering and chemical industries. 1235 catalog pages, offer products, 98% ready for shipment to the Customer, being in a stock in Spain

(catalog: https://www.egamaster.com/en/products ).

EGA Master has separated a separate line of tools and equipment for maintenance and repair of downhole equipment in the oil and gas complex: https://www.egamaster.com/en/industry-oil-gas In addition, EGA Master, taking into account the specifics of the oil and gas, chemical industry and construction, paid special attention to intrinsically safe tools and safety measures when working with tools at height, immediately distinguished this manufacturer from similar ones, including those from the USA and Canada. https://www.egamaster.com/es/productos/categoria/antichispa https://www.egamaster.com/…/pro…/category/antidrop-tools
EGA Master has been successfully cooperating for 20 years with SHELL, EXXONMOBIL, SIEMENS, MERCEDES-BENZ, VOLKSWAGEN, RENAULT and other famous manufacturers of the world: https://www.egamaster.com/en/what-our-customers-say Thereby, FSVS GROUP:
● provides advice on the selection and operation of EGA Master equipment and tools for industrial use, including on-site visits to the Customer’s facilities;
● provides a guarantee from EGA Master;
● makes deliveries in the shortest possible time