FSVS GROUP, LLC provides supplies and engineering of well completion equipment, liner hangers and casing accessories.

We have partners in different countries of the world and supply equipment for well completions and well operation:
⮚ Well completion equipment:
● Packers (mechanical, hydraulic, swellable, inflatable, permanent, retrievable, service, production, pressure-test packer);
● Bridge plugs (hydraulic, mechanical, support for cement plug);
● Plugs for installation in tubing (retrievable, permanent);
● On/Off Tools (profile, full bore);
● Landing nipples X, XN, F, R (both in standard execution and in execution for fracturing);
● Sliding sleeves (mechanical, hydraulic);
● Differential subs (single, double);
● and more.
⮚ Technological equipment for casing:
● Float shoes (standard, with eccentric nose, with non-return valve);
● Float collars (single, double, differential, auto-fill);
● Centralizers (hinged, single piece, welded, solid);
● Stage cementing tools (hydraulic, mechanical);
● Turbulizers, cement baskets, stop collars and more.

⮚ Customer orientation. Services are provided to both service and oil and gas companies.
⮚ Outsourcing. Customer savings on the creation of highly specialized service departments and the maintenance of highly specialized engineering staff.
⮚ Professional approach. Staff with experience in Ukrainian and foreign projects.
⮚ Rapid mobilization. Attracting staff from different regions of Ukraine, depending on the location of the service facility.

FSVS GROUP engineers perform:
● technological calculations;
● equipment maintenance and preparatory work before run in the hole;
● control of technological processes during providing packer service, liner hanger service, and stage cementing tool service;
● interaction with the Customer’s departments for the selection of optimal equipment;
● technical support for Customers 24/7.

Our staff has performed more than 40 jobs with liner hangers; more than 500 jobs with the packer equipment were carried out; more than 30 jobs with stage cementing tools (SCT) and inner string cementing tools were performed etc.

We will find solutions for your technological problems!