FSVS GROUP, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is the official AGENT of MEGA a.s., the Czech Republic in the territory of Ukraine, regarding the following activities:
• nitrogen-containing water treatment;
• hydrogen and hydrocarbon recovery from various refinery streams;
• recycle antifreeze and refrigerant;
• amine solvent purification from various refinery streams;
• acid regeneration from electrolyte using diffusion dialysis.

FSVS GROUP, LLC carries out agency activities through mediation on behalf of, in the interests of and under the control of MEGA JSC.

MEGA is developing and manufacturing the RALEX® membranes which use to produce stacks. MEGA use stacks to assemble complete еlectrodialysis (ED) and electrodeionisation (EDI) units from laboratory to large-industrial-scale.

MemBrain is a subsidiary of MEGA, operating the Membrane Innovation Centre. Thanks to continuous research, MEGA is the world leader in the field of electromembrane processes and this direction is constantly moving forward MEGA. The experience gained from industrial applications is reflected in research. Due to the exceptional features of the membranes and the proprietary design of modules and installations, electrodialysis can be used in other industrial sectors. MEGA and MemBrain jointly bring innovative processes and completely new technological solutions to the market.