EGA Master product presentation

On November 12, 2020, representatives of the FSVS GROUP company held a presentation of the products of the Spanish company EGA Master for the specialists of the PoltavaGasVydobuvannya Gas Production Division (GPD).

At the presentation, samples of EGA Master products were presented, the main technical characteristics and features of premium quality equipment and tools, exclusive engineering solutions for the oil and gas complex were determined, namely:
• EGA Master companies are trusted and partners: SHELL, Schlumberger Group, Weatherford Baker Hughes, Halliburton, SAIPEM and other top oil and gas companies in different countries of the world;
• has more than 23 thousand names of products;
• has over 200 patents;
• The EGA instrument is tested in the best laboratories in the world and is certified;
• exceeding the strength characteristics of the American standard for pipe tongs US FED GGG-W-651-E by 180%, while other well-known manufacturers indicate 130%;
• all production is in Spain. 98% of the products are ready for shipment, which in turn minimizes the loss of time for order fulfillment;
• EGA Master offers an exclusive tool management system to avoid wastage in production with tool tracking software.