Occupational Health & Safety

FSVS GROUP, LLC provides services for the organization of functioning for the systemic management of labor protection, electrical safety, fire safety at enterprises.
• development and implementation at the enterprise of “Occupational safety management systems”, development of a project of complex measures for occupational safety, electrical safety, fire safety;
• development of all the necessary draft documents regarding the functioning of these systems and their management (regulations, instructions, programs, magazines and explanations for their maintenance, etc.), including the development of documents established by law, the safety of vehicle operation and their integration into production enterprise processes;
• advising on the distribution of duties and responsibilities of the director of the enterprise to other employees, as well as other optimization of the organizational structure of the enterprise;
• organization of initial and repeated training of employees on labor protection issues at the enterprise and in third-party organizations;
• determination of the list of works and equipment of increased danger, requiring training of workers on labor protection issues, internships, obtaining permits;
• full information support and advice to the Customer;
• preparation of packages of documents and their submission for obtaining permits;
• preparation of the enterprise for the audit on industrial safety and labor protection by the inspection body;
• provision of legal opinions and advice on these and additional issues.

Why do partners choose FSVS GROUP?
• our specialists and consultants with many years of experience in organizing and managing labor protection services, legal services in the oil and gas and other sectors of the economy, who have the best recommendations;
• we effectively organize the work of services of enterprises with any type of activity and the number of employees;
• we will optimize YOUR taxation, since FSVS GROUP is a VAT payer.